François-Xavier Talgorn

Poly-skilled CTO/Program manager
My head

I started computer sciences as a developer in the gaming industry when Ubi Soft was a pioneer in the 80's. Since then, I kept gaining new skills in various fields such as development, marketing, education, innovation and research.

Today, after 4 years spent in a research Lab as a research engineer and teacher in computer graphics, I'm currently looking for a position as a CTO or Program manager in the gaming industry within a company that values poly-skilled profiles, preferably in an international context. Parallel to my research activities, I regularly contribute to a fablab for very different projects and am involved in the independant video game industry. As a former game developer during 'retro age', I also have the great pleasure to be a honorary member of the prestigious MO5 french association for game and digital heritage preservation."

Experience & Key missions

Agile project manager / R&D product manager / BI Consultant

Lotsys - Française Des Jeux group.

In charge of the ISO process for innovation I built from scratch and successfully deployed an innovation policy with related tools. As R&D product manager I contributed to leverage the value of R&D activity by redesigning/prioritizing the activity flow. During tender phases, I've been in charge of client interfacing and consulting for Business Intelligence related needs.


Head of project

Lotsys - Française Des Jeux group.

From project scoping to prototyping, I've been in charge of the architectural design and content marketing of a massive multiplayers casual gaming platform. The final prototype has been successfully demoed to the comex of the group while frameworks agreements where clearly scoped out with worldwide content providers.


International trainer / consultant

Oracle/BEA Solutions

As a trainer and consultant for BEA/Oracle, I traveled a lot in Europe and EMEA for training sessions and consulting. With missions that covered Web development, J2EE, Weblogic and Portal deployment, it's been truly a great time full of thrilling meetings with very different cultures.


iLAB - CEO & Founder

iLAB - Game development

iLAB was dedicated to high quality video game and multimedia productions. Among other realisations, we delivered around 15 educational Dvds for the Hachette group and a PC videogame licenced from the french comic 'Asterix'.


Education & Certification

PHD Candidate in computer sciences

Université Paris 8 (since 2015)

I'm currently finishing a PhD in computer graphics field. Subject is graphic stylization. You can find my publications here:
"Toward a generic approach to stylization."

"Real-Time Sketch-Based Terrain Generation"

Video : Real-time sketch-based 3D terrain generation.

Research Master degree - 2014

Université Paris 8

With dedicated courses on research management, out-of-the-box thinking and practical development sessions in hot research fields such as web content tagging, computer graphics and IA, this year has been truly exciting and a lot of fun!

Certification - New Venture Finance - 2015

Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

University of Maryland - Course certificate

Funding is key! I appreciated this course on bootstrapping startup. This very interesting work provides a rock solid frame to efficiently bootstrap a project in the present IT context. Bonus: some original pointers to funding resources.


I personally hired François-Xavier to manage the creation from scratch of a challenging online casual gaming platform. His deep knowledge of web and video game industry, strong dev background and positive team spirit greatly contribute to successfully deliver the functional prototype on time.

Xavier Etienne

Française Des Jeux / Executive VP Tech & Intl

As an international trainer at ‘Oracle University’ François-Xavier Talgorn were mainly in charge of java/J2EE and Weblogic server administration trainings among our french and EMEA key accounts. From 2006 to 2008, he carried out more than 20 missions in 6 different countries with a complete success.

Rémy Beaudot

Oracle University / EMEA Partners

I would definitely recommend François-Xavier for contexts in which key abilities are reliability and capacity to deliver. His great experience with customer contact, technical skills and sense of humour have been invaluable to a smooth, efficient and on time delivering of our online support services.

Emilie de Fouchecour

CTO at Motiva

"FX" has been a confident support and leader for Business Intelligence area of our tender response. Head of BI solution, he deeply challenged tech and business device, we finally have proposed to our client.

Arnaud Péchoux

Arnaud Péchoux

Manager at Wavestone

Main skills

Project management

Project management

Project scoping

Project scoping

R&D / Innovation Mgt

Innovation management

Web dev

Full stack dev

Graphic programming

Graphic programming

Tech dev skills

Popular langages

C, Java, C#, C++

More esoteric ones :)

Lisp, ASM 6502, ASM 68000

Web dev

Front: Js, Bootstrap4, WebGL

Back: php, Node express

Mobile dev



mySQL, MongoDB, Doctrine, Hibernate, SQL


Angular, Symfony2, Prestashop

Graphic / Video